6th Annual LMGI Awards Submission FAQs 

Do you have to be an LMGI member to make a submission?

No, the Award submission process is open to the world wide location and production communities.  Submissions will be accepted from LMGI members and business partners, film commissions, location professionals, industry professionals and vendors, studios, and production companies. 

Do you have to be an LMGI member to vote on the nominees?

Yes, only LMGI Members in good standing can vote on the final nominees.  To learn more about the Guild and how to become a member, please visit our website at LocationManagers.org.

Can you nominate yourself?

Absolutely! You know best, as the Location Professional, what you brought to this project and why.  You understand the creative process of how locations set the tone, enrich the character, and enhance the narrative. 

Does the submitted project have to be in English?

No, but hopefully there are subtitles.

Can a location team be nominated?

While we understand the importance of the location team,the focus of the LMGI Awards is to honor the visual contribution locations make to the production.  Therefore, nominated Location Professionals are limited to those instrumental in the creative use of filming locations that are artistically integral to story being told.

Additional team members are eligible for honorary certificates acknowledging their overall contribution to the production.  We are open to reviewing exceptions where more than one member deserves recognition on a case by case basis.

Does the project have to have aired or been released in 2018?

No. This is a special year for us.  With the date change from April to September, the Sixth Annual LMGI Awards timeline is unique in that there is an 18-month calendar of eligibility. Entries first released between January 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019 are eligible.

When does the submission period open/close?

The deadline is Entry Submission Period opened Monday, January 14, 2019 and closes Sunday, June 9 at 11:59 pm PST.  Submissions opened earlier than usual with the hope that you will enter location driven productions as soon as you see them.

What is the actual Awards process?

Anyone can make a submission.  The Awards committee will review each submission to confirm that the basic criteria has been met. Nominations will be determined by the LMGI Awards Entry Curation Subcommittee based on the creative use of evocative locations to set the tone, enrich the character and enhance the narrative.  This work will be completed Monday, June 24, 2019.

Nominees in each category are announced and online voting begins Thursday, July 18th, 2019. LMGI Location Professionals in good standing are eligible to vote. Voting closes on Monday, August 12 at 11:59pm PST.   All finalists will be invited to attend the Awards gala at the Broad Theater in Santa Monica on Saturday, September 21, where the winners will be announced.

How much of the production has to be filmed on location for a project to qualify for an LMGI Award?

At least 60% must have been filmed on location. Once your submission has been received, we will contact the UPM to confirm. Second unit location days and VFX unit location days can also be considered as part of the qualifying percentage of days.

What if I don’t know all the information requested in the submission application?

We ask that you help us by providing as much accurate information as you can. All questions in bold must be answered in order to submit the form.  Do not leave required fields blank.  Use idontknow@email.comor 555.555.5555 if you don’t have current info.

The Awards Committee will obtain the correct information during the vetting process.  Submissions that are severely short of information run the risk of elimination by the vetting committees.

Is there a specific format required for submitted clips or trailers?

Yes, we can only accept videos in YouTube or Vimeo formats. 

Is there an email or a phone number to call if I have difficulty filling out this form?

Yes, please contact us at 310-967-2007 or awards@locationmanagers.org

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