Jimmy Ayoub began his professional life as a musician, playing guitar in clubs around Los Angeles and New York City. As much as he loved the music business, Ayoub realized he needed to make a steady living and sought a more stable career in photography, where he was able to develop the visual sense acquired from years of enjoying old black-and-white movies.


Ayoub went to work in Los Angeles as a photo assistant at music industry shoots for album covers, media events and band tours with Elton John, Ringo Starr and Frank Sinatra. He later studied at the renowned ICP School in Manhattan and began working as a production assistant in the advertising industry. This lead to gigs as a still photographer in television, commercial and film, which lead to his current position as location scout and manager. A long career has lead Ayoub to adventures from island hopping in the Caribbean to prowling basketball courts in Harlem to scaling the stanchions of the Brooklyn Bridge for vantage points. In his rare downtime, Ayoub enjoys hanging out at his country house, fly-fishing and golfing. And yes, he still loves playing guitar.