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“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.” – Art Buchwald, humorist

The vaccinations for the coronavirus have finally arrived, and so has spring—a fortuitous concurrence heralding a renewed sense of gratitude and hope that better days are indeed ahead! The events of this past year helped us define what is truly important, while challenging us to quickly adapt to circumstances beyond our control. We have been masked, distanced and separated. Everything we value about doing our jobs, especially the comaraderie we enjoy with crew, vendors, property owners and neighbors who we work closely with for many production hours a day, has been taken from us. 

As production ramps up and a sense of normalcy returns, let’s remember what we’ve been through and embrace each other with a new sense of respect, wonder and appreciation for the community we love. Maybe we can work to shape our industry into something even “better than before”! 

In our cover story, “Breaking Tenet’s Global Code,” Shaun O’Banion reveals how SLM Janice Polley and her team brought director Christopher Nolan’s complex vision to the screen. Mike Johansen shares his recent work experiences and gives us insight into practically “Working with VFX.” Su Fang Tham’s piece, “Dodd Vickers: Location Ambassador with a Microphone,” profiles Atlanta-based LM Dodd Vickers’ career and popular podcast Locations on Two.

Our columns include “In My City” with Daniel Palerm giving us a tour of Mallorca—the crown jewel of Spain’s Balearic Islands. Luke Ford showcases the magic of Vietnam in our “Martini Shot.” “In the News” reports on the LMGI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee’s well-received Zoom panel on culture and production in Africa, a virtual Fam Tour of Poland, and member Osceola Refetoff’s photo exhibit at The Museum of Art and History. We spotlight the LMGI at Focus and Zagreb PROFilm Days, Monterey County Film Commissioner Karen Nordstrand, and the Maker & Shaker Awards. 

And it’s once again time to nominate your favorite movies, TV shows and commercials because submissions are now open for the 8th Annual LMGI Awards! 

Until next time,

Stevie Nelson, Paul Messana, Ken Haber, Diane Friedman