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The secret of joy in work is contained in one word—excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”

–Pearl S. Buck

We are part of the world’s greatest storytelling community, one that relies on an army of creative and talented people. As part of that great collaborative effort, it’s our visual sensibilities combined with a battlefield tactician’s logistical prowess that is critical to the successful telling of these stories in the real world.

Twenty years ago, Los Angeles location managers and scouts formed what was then the LMGA to promote and celebrate the unique set of skills that we use to do our jobs every day. As the LMGI, our efforts to raise awareness of what we do brings us together and energizes location professionals around the world. 

We continue to educate those within the industry and inspire the public’s fascination of where TV series and movies are filmed. In 2021, we were invited to join the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences—a longtime goal of the Guild—and many of us have just cast our votes for this year’s Emmys. It is our expectation that this increased recognition, understanding and respect for our craft will also be rewarded at the negotiating table!

In this issue, our feature stories celebrate what we contribute to the creative process by shining a spotlight on the amazing work location scouts and managers are doing on a global scale.

In our cover story, “The Last of Us,” Shaun O’ Banion talks with Canadian SLM Jason Nolan and his team about the herculean task involved in bringing Sony’s worldwide video game phenomenon to the screen.  

“And the Nominees Are…” showcases the finalists for this year’s 10th Annual LMGI Awards in film, television and commercials. Locations professionals in cities across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa submitted more than 300 projects for consideration in all categories, confirming how integral the right location can be to telling a story in the most powerful way. 

Paul Messana’s “The Next Generation” introduces Texas and Montana based 1923 SLM David Zachary Heine, whose passion for photography and telling stories has found the perfect place in the Taylor Sheridan universe.  

Our columns include “In My City,” with Paul Russell giving us a tour of picturesque Victoria, British Columbia’s capital nestled on the southern end of Vancouver Island. “In the News” reports on the LMGI Board of Directors’ retreat and members’ party in Atlanta. 

Location scout Tonya Hartz reports on the World of Looks photo exhibition that presented the work of Canadian location scouts at a renowned gallery in Vancouver. The LMGA was launched with a photo show in 2003, and we congratulate our Canadian counterparts for taking this bold step to show just who they are!

In our “Martini Shot,” LM Aaron Hurvitz captures a moment from last year’s Spain Fam Tour.  

We hope to see you all in person on Saturday, August 26, at the LMGI Awards gala in Santa Monica, CA, or following the event livestreaming on YouTube!

Until next time, 

Stevie Nelson, Diane Friedman, Paul Messana, Edward Mazurek, Dodd Vickers