Winter 2023. Click to view issue.


Snowflakes are one of Nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

–Vista M. Kelly

Winter is upon us—and we happily temper its chill with the warmth that comes as we gather to celebrate the season with family and friends. It is a time to ponder what we have achieved this past year and make plans for what we will do in the next.

2023 is a milestone year for the LMGI—we will be marking our 20th anniversary! The LMGI has grown from an idea sown by a group of Los Angeles location professionals into what we are today—an influential international family that celebrates its members and elevates the craft. We are so excited to commemorate our upcoming anniversary with you as we continue to spread our roots and plant seeds for the coming years. 

As you delve into the pages of this magazine, we hope you will be inspired by all that our professional family has been able to accomplish. In spite of the added challenges posed by the pandemic, it is the resourcefulness and ingenuity of location professionals that has kept production moving forever forward. 

In our cover story on Virgin River, Rachel Llewellyn goes behind the scenes of the chart-topping Netflix series and discovers how LM Robert “Fluffy” Millar and his team have cultivated relationships based on kindness and community amid British Columbia’s stunning wild beauty.  

In “The Tried and True Locations of Amsterdam,” Jared Cowan reveals how LM Robert Foulkes and his team mined LA’s historic locations to bring a period story set in New York—and originally planned to film in pre-COVID Boston—to life in Los Angeles.   

And finally, in “The Next Generation,” Paul Messana introduces New Jersey-based KALM Matthew Fleischman, a third-generation industry professional with a passion for photography and travel. 

Our columns include “Tech Talk,” with scout Tonya Hartz providing insight gained from her foray into scouting 360. “In the News” reports on the LMGI’s participation at Croatia’s PROFilm Days and LA mixers at Solar Studios and Elsewhere. Also coverage of the DGC BC/LMGI Peers+Partners+Planet event in Vancouver.   

We all wish you and your families—and your extended families of friends and colleagues—the happiest of holidays as we look ahead to a bright new year together! 

Stevie Nelson, Diane Friedman, Paul Messana, Edward Mazurek, Dodd Vickers