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To be a part of the bigger picture:  Respect.  Access.  Support.  Connection.  Celebration.  Sharing resources and information.  Advocacy.  And benefits we love to share.  That’s what the LMGI is here for — and more. For more details click here: JOIN TODAY.

Absolutely!  No matter where you live and work,  The LMGI exists solely to promote the craft of the location professional. We are a unifying force in what is often a solitary endeavor providing career-boosting professional development and education through events, networking and mentorship.   Our members and leadership live and work throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and beyond.  LMGI members represent the best of the best working in our craft.   So no matter where in the world you work, you belong in the LMGI.

Location work requiresa unique skill set, including creativity, photography, management, communication (both written and oral), computer proficiency, budgeting, sense of adventure, stamina, and great people skills. The best suggestion is get some experience working on a film, TV or commercial project in your area. Take advantage of any opportunity, union or non-union, paid or volunteer, to get experience. Keep a positive attitude, no matter how small or insignificant a job may seem—thats how you impress people and get a foot in the door!  Many of us started by doing other things in the business and gravitated to location managing for different reasons.   

The LMGI Compass magazine’s Career Focus column gives you an idea of how top Location Professionals got their start. Click here to read back issues.

Another option is to contact your local film commission and volunteer!  They may be able to help you with a list of local Location Managers you can ask about the job and/or apprentice with to develop your skills. 

If you already have some experience, and meet the criteria, you can apply for Apprentice Membership in the LMGI.  Use your membership as an opportunity to meet working Location Managers. Volunteer on committees, work at LMGI events and make an impression.  Write articles for the website!  Many LMGI volunteer opportunities can be performed virtually and from anywhere in the world!

Your LMGI membership renewal is due each year on the anniversary of your association with the Guild.  The easiest and best way to renew your membership is automatically through the billing system. Members are automatically opted in to auto-renewal unless they email admin@LocationManagers.org directly to have their card removed after payment.  You will receive an email reminder 15 days before your LMGI Membership expires to confirm your card on file. 

Your LMGI membership profile exists to work for you! Producers, UPMs, Production Designers, Film Commissions and other Location Professionals know LMGI members worldwide are serious about our craft.  Put your best foot forward with an informative LMGI profile, complete with your resume,  your IMDB page, list your personal web site and scouting photographs.  Distinguish yourself by listing the languages you speak, along with any unique skills that set you apart, including regions where your knowledge and contacts are strongest.


LMGI members are listed directly on our website, which will provide you with access to their personal profiles, including strengths and skills and IMDb links. The profiles are searchable by name, by region and by languages spoken.  You can contact any member through the obfuscated email directory–you can message up to once a day, it is the members’ discretion to reply to your email.

Filming at your property can be a win/win opportunity for all involved. The production gets a unique location with depth and character. You get a welcome revenue stream. Often, the local economy also gets a boost. Standard Operating Procedure in our business is to always leave a location the same or better than we found it. So rest assured, we have a vested interest in trying to keep locations 100% happy.

Filming can be like inviting a traveling circus into your home.  Ask lots of questions, even about the tiniest of details. The more you communicate with the Location Manager about your concerns, the more s/he can help alleviate them. Make sure the production company provides you with payment up front, a certificate of insurance that names you as additionally insured, and a security deposit.  Verify with your local film commission that they have the proper film permits, and remember, professional film crews have filmed everywhere from museums to working hospitals. If you educate yourself and are working with a good location manager, everything will be returned to the same or better condition and you will be fairly compensated for the experience. 

There are a multitude of ways to attract filming to your property.  Contact your country, state and/or local film commissions — most have location libraries and can list your property and advise you on the property’s pros and cons.  Consider building your own web site, including lots photographs (shot horizontally) to entice Location Scoutsand list the property’s assets, for example, easy freeway access, unique architecture, friendly neighbors or wide open vistas. You can also register with the many excellent location services listed in the Business Partner section of our website. Or you can apply to become an LMGI Business Partner yourself! Take advantage of our many opportunities for promotion to LMGI members the top location scouts and managers in the world ranging from informational email blasts to LMGI arranged FAM Tours. 

The fee is negotiable, as both owner and tenant have a vested interest. Most productions have a specific budget that does not vary if there is more than one party involved. While there is no set split percentage, the tenant usually receives the larger portion due to inconvenience. But every scenario is different.  Sometimes the landlord has to keep other tenants happy, or the production company also wants to film in common areas.  The important thing is that tenant, owner and Location Manager agree early on so there are no misunderstandings. If the parties are not able to agree, the production will find another location rather than become involved in a tenant/ owner disagreement. It should be a win-win situation for all concerned. Production will typically insure both parties.  Additionally, depending upon how invasive filming is, the tenant will generally get per diem and hotel stipend.

Connecting with and learning from our peers, participating in educational and networking events and maintaining an LMGI website profile are all excellent ways to bring value to any potential employment situation, but the LMGI is not an agent for the purposes of securing employment.