The LMGA is proud to be a sponsor of London’s first location production event to take place in London! FOCUS is an international trade show, summit and networking event.

Ken Haber, LMGA Vice President, will be at the event representing the LMGA along with film commissions, productions service companies and ancillary service vendors.

We invite you to stop by the LMGA booth and to support The Location Guide for the premier event of: FOCUS

FOCUS is on the 14th and 15th of December 2015 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London UK.

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The UK’s first international trade event for film producers and location managers

OVER 100 EXHIBITORS FROM OVER 40 COUNTRIES confirm presence at UK’s first international trade event for film producers and location managers

FOCUS is the UK’s first international trade event aimed at all producers, location managers, production and photography professionals from the film, television and commercial industries.

FOCUS has garnered incredible support and interest from leading production service companies and film commissions including some who have never before exhibited in the UK.

Each has their own unique offering ranging from locations expertise, studio managers, ancillary service providers, production service companies, not just the UK but from across countries like China, South Korea, Namibia, Portugal, India and many more. (

Exhibitor highlights

Production service companies: Moonlighting Film Services (South Africa), Tantor Films (Chile), Madam (UK), Avion Films (Greece), Blue Sky Films (Kenya & Croatia), Elements Production Services (India), Family Film Entertainment (Romania), FPS Productions (Turkey), Ready To Shoot ( Portugal), Namib Films (Namibia), Panorama Films (Italy)

Studio: Wanda Studios, China’s largest studio due to open in 2017

Ancillary services: Network Rail (UK), Locality Online (UK), Location One (UK), Location Productions (UK)

Film commissions: Ile De France Film Commission, Korean film commissions & Industry Network (South Korea), Film France, Estonian Film Institute, Film in Iceland, Film LA, Film Commission Poland, German Film Commission, Macedonian Film Agency, Malta Film Commission, Minnesota Film & TV, Virginia Film Office, Norway Film Commission, Cine Tirol Film Commission

Besides the confirmed line-up of exhibitors, Panama film Commission, Film France and Korean film commissions & Industry Network have confirmed free-to-attend presentations giving an in-depth insight into their tax incentive programs, locations and services.

“We think FOCUS will deliver something genuinely different as the first international location production event to take place in London, scheduled just before the break. Visitors will get to   engage with an inspiring mix of exhibitors; film commissions, production services companies, locations, and ancillary services. They can meet their next location provider and network with the industry’s finest in a sociable, but also very useful, environment.”  – Jean-­‐Frederic Garcia, The Location Guide Managing Director and FOCUS co-­‐founder.  

These sentiments are shared by the industry as an impressive number of exhibiting companies have already signed up for the event including the Malta Film Commission, the Korean Film Commissions and Industry Network, Moonlighting Film Productions Services and Network Rail. There is also support from dozens of industry bodies representing all aspects of the global market such as the Association of Film Commissioners the International (AFCI), Advertising Producers Association (APA), the Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA), and Women in Film & Television UK.

“FOCUS looks like a great opportunity to meet companies and organizations showcasing their country’s locations, and it’s all under one roof! I’m looking forward to taking part in some of the conference discussions too. See you at FOCUS.” – Emma Pill, Location Manager on Spectre, Cinderella and  Thor: The Dark World

“Audiences are now faced with more choice than ever. Not only what to watch, but what to watch it on. We will explore how producers are managing the transition, the impact of second screeners on the creative process, and the ongoing need for content and opportunities for independent film.

The summit will encourage wide ranging debate, but key topics will include the effect one medium has on another and how the advertising industry is adapting to multi-­‐platform landscape.” – Sue Hayes, Curator of the FOCUS Summit and former London Film Commissioner.       

FOCUS Sponsors

FOCUS is supported by Greater Fort Lauderdale as the headline sponsor, Variety as the headline media partner and US Virgin Islands and silver sponsor.

The FOCUS Summit is sponsored by the Production Service Network.

The event enjoys the active support of the following Associate Partners:

ADA, Assistant Directors Association

AFAR, French Association of Assistant Directors

AFCI, Association of Film Commissioners International

AFR, Association Française des Régisseurs du Cinema et de l’audiovisuel

AICP, Association of Independent Commercial Producers

APA, Advertising Producers Association

ASAP, Indian Association of Advertising Producers

BVL, Location Scouts Guild of Germany

CFPE, Commercial Film Producers of Europe

CPASA, Commercial Producers Association of South Africa

CMPA, Canadian Media Production Association

DPA, Danish Producers Association

EUFCN, European Film Commission Network

FAPAE, Federación de Asociaciones de Productores Audiovisuales Españoles

F&MA, Film and Music Austria

Film Latvia

GBCT, The Guild of British Camera Technicians

HRUP, Croatian Producers Association

LMGA, Location Managers Guild of America

LPG, Location Professionals Group

NPA, The Independent Producers Association of Lithuania

PACT, Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television, Producers Association of Communication Tasks

PAVA, Pohjoisen audiovisuaaliset ammattilaiset PAVA

PMA, Production Managers Assoc

SFP, Swiss Film Producers’ Association

SPI, Screen Producers Ireland

The Film and Television Producers Guild of India

UK Screen Association

WFTV, Women in Film & TV

FOCUS Organizers

FOCUS is brought to you by Focus Show Ltd, a unique joint venture which harnesses the authority and knowledge of The Location Guide with the event expertise of LiveBuzz.

The Location Guide is committed to providing the international film community with the essential pre-­‐production resources to plan overseas location shoots via our annual directory and ever-­‐evolving website. No matter what the size or type of production, we provide up-­‐to-­‐date information and contacts for filming on location anywhere in the world.

LiveBuzz is an award-­‐winning provider of event development consultancy and sophisticated registration and website systems for events across the globe.

For more information including images and FOCUS logo, please contact Jamie Bell on +44 (0)7736 – 031102 or