By Steve Witkowski

Gray skies and wet weather did not stop LMGA members from trekking to Woodland Hills to sing holiday carols to members of the Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement home for the 2nd Annual LMGA Christmas Caroling event. Kim Kopp was our musical director, Dawnia and Doug Dresser brought Miles and Declan.  Business Member Dinah Lehoven brought authentic sleigh bells.  We were joined by casting director Beth Lipari-Bruno, and her children Isabella and Myles. The kids were a big hit, as was Kenny Brant’s mom who danced a Christmas hula. With over a dozen members in tow, the LMGA showed how much our members care for and respect Hollywood’s legacy. With voices lifted as we spread cheer to folks who spent their lives producing film and television.

holiday caroling1

We began with the home’s Alzheimers residents. LMGA carolers went to different rooms to share the love, as many retirees were not able to get out of their beds. Their faces lit up and many sang along. Although most of us aren’t professional musicians, the event showcased the tenets of any decent location manager: knowing how to have fun and share positive energy with people from many different backgrounds.

holiday caroling 2

The event wound down at the home’s banquet hall, where we took center stage and played piano, guitar, tambourines, and jingle bells while belting out popular holiday tunes. After the caroling ended, LMGA members mingled with the home’s residents. This author talked about baseball with a gentleman who will be turning 100 next year. Hearing about the Phillies’ stadium and Ty Cobb during the 1930s was incredible. The MPTF retirement home has plenty of wonderful people who are willing to share their stories. If you are interested in volunteering for the Motion Picture Academy home, please call 818.876.1888.

We hope you can join us next year!