Q1 How did you first find out about the LMGI?-Clear winner is word of mouth (WoM) at 72%
-WoM = highest source of revenue for the business
-The Awards show does not effectively recruit new members (this may not be the driving intent)


  • Set yearly performance measures (KPIs) that are tied to member satisfaction so it’s prioritized.
  • Annual surveys to measure member engagement and satisfaction. 
  • More transparency and authentic engagement with members. Share survey results, what you’re doing about it, wins, hindrances, etc. Make them feel included and like their say matters. 

Q2: Prior to joining the LMGI, did you have a community of location or industry professionals that you were a part of?
Highest Ranking Communities:Insights

  • Click on photo to view full list. 
  • DGC, Teamsters, and Locolist ranked the highest (besides the misc group of “Others’) 


  • Reference this list for potential marketing and business partnerships/collaborations.

Q3: What sparked your desire to join LMGI? (What outcomes or benefits were you looking for?) Pick your top three.
-During my initial research, there was a belief that people joined mostly to have their name associated with LMGI badge. Surprisingly, according to these results, that’s not entirely true.


Q4: Outside of the LMGI, what other professional organizations, guilds or unions are you a member of? Check as many as apply.
Q5: What are some of the highlights of being an LMGI member? What do you appreciate/align with the most?
Another way to look at the data:“Personal Recognition” is a common theme across many of these categories (Compass, Awards, Advocacy) = a great motivator to stay in the community:

“Highlights include being interviewed for a ‘Compass’ feature story about the TV series”
“Being nominated and Winning an award.”
“Being featured in an issue of Compass.”


Q6:Are there any surprising or unexpected outcomes or benefits you’ve experienced by being a member? If yes, please list them out-This question indicates why members like being a part of the LMGI and ultimately stay – even though it’s not why they initially joined. Can inform marketing pre- and post- membership activation.

-What are members who get a lot of out LMGI doing differently than those who are indifferent/unhappy? Could be participation-based (are they joining committees?) and/or locale-based. Ex: “Community-wise, I am not getting any benefit. My territory is too far (South Korea based) I guess.”


Q7: What would make your experience even better? What do you think is missing?

A Greater International Focus vs Grow LMGI In My Region

-These two are slightly different. ‘A Greater International Focus’ refers to the desire of turning LMGI into a truly global guild with more news, networking opportunities, and Industry development in markets outside of the US and Canada.

-On the other hand, ‘Grow LMGI In My Region’ were respondents who wanted a stronger sense of LMGI community in their locale, similar to “what LA has.”

-Regional sub-committee groups are a solution. Regional groups may also affect the brand book – must be general enough so different countries can customize it to their market – but also specific enough to keep consistency in marketing across countries.


Q9: Using the support of the LMGI, what are you inspired to create in your region?

Country of Residence of Respondents

-USA members were the majority of respondents.
-If you’re aiming for more international growth, filter survey responses to focus on responses from international respondents when making those decisions.