Born and raised in metro Detroit, LMGA Member David Rumble got his start thirteen years ago on 8 Mile after Nancy Haecker posed that fateful question in his interview: “The pay sucks, the hours suck… do you want the job?”

That experience, coupled with the arrival of the generous Michigan tax incentives, provided the springboard to David’s career. In 2009, he helped lead the charge for metro Detroit location professionals to organize as Local 337 Teamsters.

Rumble feels fortunate to have worked with many of the best in the business; his credits include three of the Transformers films, The Avengers and most recently, Batman V. Superman. He has been a member of the LMGA since 2010.

Most of David’s work keeps him in Detroit however he is our ‘go to’ guy for the entire state of Michigan and the North East Central area. A graduate of The Motion Picture Institute, David knew that he wanted to work in the Entertainment Industry since he was a kid.  David recently worked with LMGA Eva Monley Award recipient director Alexander Payne and LMGA member Lori Balton.

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If there is a event, location scout/manager, or location outside of LA you want to see featured here, please contact the RI Committee at rebeccastair@gmail.com.”

Photos courtesy of Lori Balton.