Meet Our New Industry Partners

The LMGI is proud to announce The Directors Guild of Canada, Ontario (DGC Ontario) and The Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia (DGC B.C.) has joined forces with the LMGI as new Industry Partners. The DGC Ontario and BC memberships marks the first partnerships with sister unions or Guilds breaking new ground for the LMGI. The national DGC which represents key creative and logistical personnel working in the screen-based industries in the areas of direction, locations, design, production, accounting and editing is comprised of local District Councils which carry out the National organization’s mandate.

DGC Ontario & DGC B.C secure work opportunities for their members, represents their interests through the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, and engages in extensive industry advocacy and lobbying activities at the provincial and municipal levels.

On Dec. 6th LMGI member John Rakich attended the DGC Ontario Location Members Caucus meeting where the DGC Ontario’s membership in the LGMI was presented to the people in attendance. Rakich and DGC Ontario Associate Executive Director Victoria Harding gave a presentation on the benefits of joining the LMGI. The meeting has already born fruit with membership applications from Ontario location professionals starting to come in.

With the LMGI’s growing Canadian membership, our new partnership with DGC, Ontario and DGC, B.C. creates an exciting opportunity to collaborate on advancing the interests of location professionals in Canada.


For more information on our new Industry Partners, please visit their websites: