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“The quality is fantastic”

“Great read from cover to cover”

“I love everything about it!”


What has the Location Pro Community buzzing? It’s the inaugural edition of  LMGA Compass, the official magazine of the Location Managers Guild of America.

Managed by LMGA editors Stevie Nelson, Marie Healy and Lori Balton, the new LMGA Compass is published by IngleDodd Media (IDM), an entertainment publishing house and marketing firm whose clients include the Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America and Art Directors Guild, amongst others. “We felt the LMGA deserved a higher industry profile and greater market support, similar to many of our other Guild clients. A quality member publication is a key element of that and we were thrilled when they agreed to let us produce the LMGA Compass,” says Dan Dodd, Co-Owner and Director of Sales.


The original Compass newsletter was created several years ago to help connect our members to the Guild, spearheaded Location Pros Stevie Nelson and Peter Gluck. Per Stevie Nelson, “After we published our first 6 issues it soon became apparent that relying on volunteer location manager labor to create the newsletter was unrealistic.  So the Compass went dormant until the Board could come up with a better solution. IngleDodd came at just the right moment.”

The LMGA Editors worked with IDM from the initial concept, through design and mailing lists. IDM handled production, printing, and mailing. The quarterly magazine is completely financed by advertising sales, which are coordinated by IDM.

“The influence of the LMGA organization, the community of LMGA members has grown to such an extent that we need a magazine to keep us all informed on what we are doing and where we are going.  That is the consistent underlying theme of the LMGA Compass:  to showcase the talents of our members in pictures and stories. The LMGA Compass serves to inspire, inform and entertain us,” says LMGA President Nancy Haecker.

Pride is exactly what the first issue has created, greeted by rave reviews from Location Managers and Industry Professionals alike. The magazine, with its polished look and impressive photography is a perfect representation of the skills, creativity and ingenuity of Location Professionals.

If you are business who wishes to reach and support the LMGA with your ad message, please contact LMGA@ingledodd.com or call 310-207-4410. If you are interested in contributing or have suggestions for the LMGA Compass, please reach out to the editors at compass@locationmanagers.org