Oregon Production Re-Opening Protocols

Tim Williams, Executive Director of LMGI Business Partner Oregon Film welcomes production that adheres to applicable elements of general guidelines. Additionally all productions must have a “Health & Safety Plan” defining protocols complying with Oregon’s Three Phase Reopening, keeping cast and crew safe from COVID-19.

The “Health & Safety Plan” is also a requirement for any productions participating in Oregon’s incentive program. It must be agreed to by the entire crew prior to shooting. The 2+ page bullet point “tearsheet” located within the Recommended Post-Covid19 Production Standards & Practices For Work Within Oregon, is easy to follow and understand. Some permitting agencies and vendors may ask for this as well. Here are the protocols for resuming production work in Oregon.Business Oregon maintains a PPE Supply Connector —a great tool for locating health and safety equipment required on all sets.  Per OSHA regulations, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide all PPE and cleaning materials/supplies necessary for production. These will be an additional Budgets need to accommodate the additional costs of these preventative measures.. If you are a micro-budgeted project and feel that you can’t afford PPE for your crew, please contact us and we will try to help.

Oregon Film, the OMPA, and Local 488 IATSE are developing a Zoom training program to provide an overview to guide you through our protocols. If you would be interested in this training please email us for more information.
Oregon Film joins the LMGI in providing our production community with the latest resources to get production up and running as soon as possible. We must rely on each other to do this safely ensuring the longevity of our industry in this new environment. Please feel free to reach out to us at Oregon Film with any questions or concerns you may have regarding filming in Oregon.