The submission period for the 5th Annual LMGI Awards Show is now open!

Submission deadline has been extended to January 14, 2018

Submit films, television shows, commercials, and film commissions for consideration for an LMGI Award! The 5th Annual Location Managers Guild International Awards Show will be held in Los Angeles April 7, 2018.

As location professionals, the world is our backlot. Our lens provides the canvas for defining character and propelling action. Our unique perspective and skill help bring the scripted page to life! The LMGI Awards celebrate the aesthetic contribution made by location professionals to particular projects. Additionally, we honor the invaluable assistance that Film Commissions provide.

The road to the Red Carpet begins with only three criteria:

  1. The project must have initially aired or been released in 2017.
  2. The project must have been filmed primarily on location versus stage – at least 65% on location for features and 60% for television and 75% for commercials.
  3. A link to an authorized trailer must be provided (NOTE: only Vimeo and YouTube formats will be accepted).

Here is the process:

  1. Use the links provided below to submit the appropriate application form.
  2. The awards committee will review each submission to confirm that the basic criteria are met.
  3. Accepted submissions will be presented to the LMGI membership for a vote.
  4. The top five (5) vote-getters in each category will again be voted on by the LMGI membership.
  5. The finalists will be invited to attend the Awards gala in Los Angeles where the winners will be announced.

Please take this opportunity to put the spotlight on your creative contribution to the film-making process. We are soliciting applications from our international community from now through January 7, 2018.

This recognition of our craft by your peers celebrates us all!

Link to Submission Frequently Asked Questions here:

2018 5th Annual LMGI Awards Submissions FAQs

Link to Rules and Regulations here:

2018 LMGI Awards Submissions Rules and Regulations

Links to Submission Forms here:

2018 outstanding Locations in a COMMERCIAL

2018 Outstanding Locations in a CONTEMPORARY FILM

2018 Outstanding Locations in a CONTEMPORARY TV PROGRAM

2018 Outstanding FILM COMMISSION

2018 Outstanding Locations in a PERIOD FILM

2018 Outstanding Locations in a PERIOD TV PROGRAM