In Memoriam - Location Managers Guild International
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Ken Hunter

Ken Hunter

Ken was a kind and generous human being. He had a brilliant mind and had no patience for mediocrity. Ken loved the film industry. He loved to be challenged and if a company didn’t challenge him, Ken would make it up for himself. He always came back from scouting with brilliant ideas and beautiful photographs. He was a mentor, friend and colleague who will be sorely missed.


Jennifer King St.Onge

A loving wife, sister, daughter and friend. A person who thought of others before herself, she would go out of her way to help a complete stranger without thought of harm to herself. If she thought you needed it, Jen would give you the last penny in her pocket. She loved animals and became a personal savior for many cats and dogs. She was creative, organized and did her job with integrity. She was fun to be around. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a unique and infectious laugh. The world was a better place to live in with her in it. That’s who Jennifer King St.Onge was.

Liz Matthews

Liz Matthews

Liz loved travel, photography and the challenges of being a Location Manager. She had an understated elegance about her that touched everyone, even those she only knew briefly. She seemed quiet and reserved but those who knew her knew better… she was constantly thinking, planning and organizing with a keen intelligence, exercising her mischievous wit at opportune times. She squeezed a lot of life into her last years, never giving up. She continued to work, to travel, to laugh and to love. She never complained, continuing to move forward with an ever-present grace. Liz will always be remembered and sorely missed by many, many people.

Corey Ryan

Corey Schmidt

Born in Fremont CA, Corey loved his new career as a Key Assistant Location Manager. Many of you know that he had a successful career as a performer and Cruise Director prior to his life in Locations. Corey and his wife, Tina, enjoyed a short yet loving time together in Huntington Beach. His smile and humor will be missed by all of us.

Bill Sandidge

Bill Sandidge

Bill had a long career in commercial photography before he came to location scouting in the late 90s. Years of high-end production car shooting had given him intimate knowledge of west coast exteriors by the time the car-shooting firm he’d finally made junior partner with went bankrupt. The Nashville native then became a Hollywood location scout and was proud and happy to be a founding member of the LMGI when it started in 2003. Joining the Teamsters 399 local was also a milestone. At first, the educational opportunities meant the most to him, but in the end, it was the fellowship. The people were fun, helpful and kind, and he loved being an LMGI member.


Lynn M. van Kuilenburg

Lynn emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands at age 10. A dual citizen, she spoke Dutch and English. Lynn started her career as in television as a PA on “Happy Days.” She worked as a Production Coordinator, Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, Producer and was a Trustee for Local 399. Her true passion was location management. Lynn earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity, creative vision and leadership. She was also known for her quality of friendship, kindness and generosity of spirit. Lynn would lend a hand to anyone who needed it, without asking anything in return. Those who have worked under her were taught by one of the best in the business. Lynn is survived by her family, friends and all who were blessed to know her. She will be forever missed.