Join for the Community. Stay for the Benefits.

    The LMGI offers an impressive number of benefits
    and perks of membership.

    Here are our top 10 career-boosting reasons to join:

    1. The LMGI Compass

    Our official quarterly membership publication is the only magazine dedicated solely to the art of location scouting and management.  You can read about your shared experience as location professionals in articles featuring your peers, mentors, friends and perhaps your own story one day.  We distribute the Compass to all our members, business partners, and a select VIP list of producers, UPMs, directors, production designers, studio executives and influencers.  Beautifully photographed and featuring informative, compelling content, the Compass showcases individual location professionals and the best of our work around the world.

    2. The LMGI Awards

    Get ready for your spotlight!  The LMGI Awards are the only international awards dedicated solely to your craft and covered by press worldwide, and they feature directors, producers and celebrity talent who come to honor our profession.  The LMGI Awards offer a unique focus on the creativity of location pros that goes beyond providing the backdrop to setting tone, revealing character and enhancing the narrative.  The 2019 LMGI Awards will be celebrated on September 21 in Santa Monica, California.

    3. Credentials

    As an LMGI vetted location professional, you merit the privilege and prestige of including your LMGI affiliation after your name in any publications or credits online or onscreen.  You’ve put in your time and garnered the respect of peers as a member of a select group well known for their commitment to excellence on location.  Stand out in the credit roll!

    4. Online Presence

    Your membership comes with a listing on the LMGI website directory where the industry seeks the best of the best location professionals.  Elevate your visibility and career development by creating a unique online profile at – including photo and resume.

    5. Social Media and Digital Connections

    In addition to the LMGI Compass and, we keep you up to the moment on our craft, colleagues and time-sensitive events through the LMGI newsletter, e-blasts and social media.  You can track our events around the world on our website or through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

    6. Familiarization Tours, Educational and International Networking Opportunities

    Membership gives you entree to seminars, panel discussions, photography shows and social events that zoom in on topics that matter to you most – from the how-to of drone use and action sequences to establishing eco-friendly sets.  The LMGI provides members with opportunities to meet, mix and scout with other location pros during informative “fam” tours.  International and regional film commissions, industry venues and vendors look to the LMGI to help them connect with you.

    7. Special Invitations

    As a member, you’ll be invited to exclusive LMGI events including receptions, board meetings, and other unique opportunities to connect with fellow members.

    8. Perks & Discounts

    LMGI membership entitles you to discounts on events and products relevant to our profession that we lock in for you – from international events, screenings and premieres to outdoor clothing, online photography courses and equipment.

    9. Volunteering

    Giving back has its rewards.  When you volunteer for committees or events like our awards show, you raise your profile and gain access to producers, designers, directors and other industry movers and shakers.  Everything we’ve accomplished as a guild, from our entrance into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to the creation of all the benefits above, comes from fellow members – all volunteers – who are constantly expanding our vision and advancing our goals.

    10. Mentoring

    The LMGI is a community where location professionals can connect for advice, information and referrals.  Mentoring offers rewards for longtime members in raising the caliber of our profession, the satisfaction of helping newer members grow, and the opportunity to stay in touch with smart, fresh talent.

    Join the LMGI now to enjoy the generous benefits of membership and community.

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