Diane Friedman Election 2014We are proud to welcome our new 2014 Board of Directors: Nancy Haecker, Ken Haber, Lori Balton, Rebecca “Puck” Stair, Heather Ross, Alex Moreno and Sinclair Anderson along with our returning Board members Tony Salome, Eric Klosterman, Mike Fantasia, Kevin Funston, Chris Fuentes, JJ Levine and Welton Jones.

A special thanks to our outgoing Board Members: Carole Segal, David Lyons, Michael Burmeister and Chris Baugh.  Their service to the Board has been critical to our growth and success.

Location PortalLMGA Business Member, the Location Portal generously hosted the meeting on the 30th floor of the AT&T building in downtown LA.  The 360-degree view from the penthouse served as a spectacular backdrop and was enjoyed by the sixty plus guild members and guests who attended.  Several lucky members won Power Bank portable battery chargers, courtesy of The Location Portal.

Following the meeting, we dined on delicious food and drink and grooved to the island tunes of Hawaiian musician, Kapali Long.  Members were so busy catching up with each other that we had to bring out the hook after ‘last call’ to the clear the building.

The Philanthropic Committee’s clothing drive for “Big Sunday” at the meeting yielded bags and bags of clothing and backpacks for the San Fernando Rescue Mission.  Thanks to Kristan Wagner for organizing the drive and to Tom Ybarra (Reel Waste & Recycling) for delivering everything to the mission.  Reel WasteBig thanks also to our members who took the time to donate to those in need.

It takes a village…thanks to all for making the meeting, election and reception happen: Administrative Director Marie Healy, volunteer members Carole Segal, Jill Naumann, Billy Fox, Janet Harold, Diane Friedman, Sophia Ochoa, Marylin Bitner, Chelsea Squyres, Joni Coyote, Beth Tate, Terilee Huff, and guest volunteer Jim Workman.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Photos courtesy of Location Manager Jill Naumann


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