2014 AFCI 004 2014 AFCI 002
Once again the LMGA represented our craft by participating at the AFCI Location Show with members volunteering their time to educate the public and film commissioners about our organization,  and most importantly to introduce our first annual Awards show.
LMGA Treasurer and Executive Board Member,  Eric Klosterman coordinated the LMGA “lounge”  with assistance from members Ken Haber, Mike Burmeister, David Lyons, Chris Baugh, Ibrahim Briones, Kent Matsuoka, Rebecca “Puck” Stair, Nancy Haecker, Jill Naumann, Sinclair Anderson and Business Member Santa Barbara Locations aka Ronnie Haran Mellen.
2014 AFCI 003 2014 AFCI 006
Member Mike Fantasia participated in the “Filming in Extreme Locations”  panel discussion while members Barbara Miller, John Latenser, Film Commissioner Ann Lerner spoke at the “Meet the Nominees”.
2014 AFCI 005