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There is no denial that LMGI membership truly reflects a global community of location professionals at the very top of their professional game. Our ability to continually raise the bar of the location profession comes from our strength in unity. As our numbers increase, we compound that strength.   

Welcome to our growing tribe, where there’s a new sheriff in town … two, in fact. We welcome the new LMGI Board of Directors, spearheaded by our new President, supervising location manager Mike Fantasia. Mike and strategist Linda Johannesen join the Board in building the LMGI into a thriving international force that will be an expanding resource for members everywhere. With regional strategy sessions and educational events, we are already reaping the benefits of having members from Vancouver, New York, Toronto and Atlanta sitting on our Board. We welcome and encourage your participation.

“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.”
—A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The connective tissue of this Compass issue lies within the power of our expanding tribe—it is a celebration, as well as a direct result of our far-flung membership. There is power in our unity … being part of a greater community than our own backyards. 

In this issue, “In the News” covers the exciting announcement of six new AMPAS members from our ranks! That’s a total of nine LMGI location pros in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! After shattering the AMPAS glass ceiling on behalf of loc pros everywhere, the LMGI is now turning its attention to the Television Academy. John Rakich reports on the LMGI’s triumphant return to Comic-Con for the sixth consecutive year.

“It is not in numbers but in unity that our greatest strength lies.”
—Thomas Paine

Nancy Mills takes us to Berlin and Sweden in her profile of LM Klaus Darrelmann for our cover story chronicling the making of The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Shaun O’Banion’s “Shadow Hunters” celebrates the Big Apple with a salute to the popular noir TV series Gotham and the work of LM Keith Adams. Jim Collette gives us an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the final “lost” masterpiece of legendary director Orson Welles. The Other Side of the Wind finally makes its debut 45 years after the cameras wrapped in Carefree, Arizona.

Then journey to the Sooner State where member Alison Naifeh gives us a personal tour of her beloved hometown for “In My City: Oklahoma  City.” “LMGI: The Next Generation” profiles Australia-based ALM Luke Ford. The illustrious, unsuspected career of LMGI Award-winning LM Tom Howard is the subject of “Career Focus.”

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