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We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories. –Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

This year marks the Guild’s 20th-year anniversary and the LMGI Compass magazine’s 10th year of publication in this format! Much has changed since we grew from the seed of an idea sown by a group of Los Angeles scouts and managers into an international family that supports and celebrates the accomplishments of its members. 

The one thing that has remained constant over the years is our members’ passion for bringing stories to life. It’s a theme that surfaces every time we ask our members, “What do you love most about your job? Why do you do what you do?”  

Stories make sense of our world. They entertain us; they preserve history and experience. A well-crafted story can move our hearts, encourage us to follow our dreams, and even inspire us to be and do better. The features in this issue are all about what we as location professionals do to imagine how and where to tell those stories. 

In our cover story, “The Fabelmans: A Mostly True Fable,” Shaun O’ Banion talks with SLM Leann Emmert about the unique challenge of mining Steven Spielberg’s memory to bring his early life story to the screen.

Scout Les Fincher waxes poetic about his and Hollywood’s love affair with the NYC skyline. In his photo essay, “Top of the World: Scouting the Skyscrapers of NYC,” he shares how the drama of being high in the sky shapes action, mood and character.

And in “Desert Blooms,” Rachel Llewellyn reports on LM’s Kim Dillinger Davis and Andrea Keener’s trip to Jordan where they mentored the next generation of location professional storytellers.

“In the News” reports on the California On Location Awards (COLA’s), the Atlanta holiday party, Fam Tours to Spain and Portugal, the LMGI’s participation in the Cherokee Film Summit in Georgia and two spectacular venues in New York that hosted location professionals with lavish receptions. We offer a preview of the upcoming WORLD OF LOOKS — a photo exhibition presenting the work of location scouts that opens June 1 in Vancouver. 

In our “Martini Shot,” LM Sabine Schulmeyer shares a photo taken from the Portugal Fam Tour.  


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Stevie Nelson, Diane Friedman, Paul Messana, Edward Mazurek, Dodd Vickers