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A pride of lions. A murder of crows. A solitude of location scouts.  That last one comes from writer Karen Curtis, wife of New Zealand scout David Curtis. As a group, we tend to be singular in many ways! But it is the power of our tribe, as personified in the LMGI, that continues to be a great source of strength and direction.

Our cover story explores the teamwork behind Netflix’s wildly successful Stranger Things. Location manager Tony Holley and his crew talk about the challenges and rewards of working the third season of a hit series. From the lush Americana of Atlanta, we move to the stark deserts of New Mexico and the colorful density of Mexico City, with the location team of Todd Christensen and Shani Orona. The much anticipated sequel to Sicario, Day of the Soldado, returns to the Land of Enchantment to spin its dark tale encompassing 48 locations on both sides of the border

Sojourn with us in cidade maravilhosa or “the marvelous city” of Rio de Janeiro … a tour around town, complete with great photography courtesy of Brazilian member Daniel Fontoura, highlighted in “In My City.” From South America, swing north to Vancouver to explore various environmentally sustainable best filming practices.

The results are in on the LMGI’s critical team, its Board of Directors. “In the News” welcomes the new Board. We are excited to see more distant members joining the ranks. We continue to see our members traversing the planet, from member Les Fincher’s organized Fam Tour of the New York City harbor, to the far-flung corners of New Zealand and Finnish Lapland. The Cannes-do spirit of producer and KALM Chris Beal is also celebrated. 

“The Next Generation” introduces Los Angeles-based KALM Hektor Larios. The importance of our up-and-coming members to the continuation of our craft and accomplishments cannot be understated. In “Career Focus,” seasoned pro Claudia Eastman looks back at her varied career in television production. She has amassed an impressive collection of stories and friendships along the way.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
—Andrew Carnegie

“Tech Talk” returns this issue with a look at LM Angus Ledgerwood’s navigational preference, what3words. Interestingly, LM and LMGI business member David Smith (LocoMats) has perfected a compatible app geared specifically for location pros that is an official what3words partner. 

Please continue to share your individual accomplishments. Directed toward our collective objectives, they provide an unmatched tool for attaining uncommon results. We are delighted to have found our tribe.

Always a pleasure, never too busy.

Ken Haber, Lori Balton and Stevie Nelson