Winter 2022

“Almost anything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … even you.” –Anne Lamott

Winter is the time—at least in our Northern Hemisphere—when the days grow short, the nights long and for a few short weeks, our industry pauses, and we all take a deep collective breath. The winter holidays are when we step away from our work to be with friends and family to slow our roll and recharge our batteries. 

This winter issue celebrates both the achievements of our members and offers a gentle reminder of the importance of self-care. 

In our cover story, “Celebrate the Where,” Diane Friedman gives us a VIP all-access pass to the 8th Annual LMGI Awards Show. “Mission Accomplished!” details the LMGI’s successful efforts to gain membership for location professionals in the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In a piece as timely now as when he wrote it for us several years ago, we revisit Chris Baugh’s “Confronting Stress”—advice we should all take to heart. The LMGI toured Spain for the international conference in “Shooting Locations Marketplace.” And finally, Paul Messana’s “Next Generation” features San Francisco-based Frances Reyes Bolinger, a talented KALM who is rapidly expanding her base beyond the Bay area. 

Our columns include “In the News” which reports on the recent LMGI Croatia panel “PROFilm Days,” the California On Location Awards (COLAs) and the groundbreaking Teamster national election for new union leadership. Veteran scout Tano Tropia gives us a unique perspective of Los Angeles in our “Martini Shot.”

Until next time,

Stevie Nelson, Ken Haber, Paul Messana, Diane Friedman