September 8, 2022 – September 17, 2022 all-day

BC’s production industry has a long history of seeking and curating best practices to lead the way forward with consultation, collaboration and innovation as the guiding forces. This year, our Leadership Forum broadly tackles topics related to the industry’s long-term sustainability from the perspective of our industry and some of its key partners.

Join us for a series of panels and petchakuchas on topics such as: First Nations Partners in Production, Clean Energy, and Virtual Sanity.

Leadership on Location is foremost about mindful engagement with host communities. In Canada, our First Nations partners – as the original stewards of the land – are the ultimate guides to these symbiotic working relationships. What can we learn from our peers and partners about respectful and culturally sensitive practices when it comes to all aspects of our environmental, social and economic sustainability in location production?


Vancity Theater Forum

Panel 1: Engaging with our First Nations Partners

Moderator: Mike Fantasia /LMGI (Top Gun, Maverick, Killers of the Flower Moon).

Panelists: Alison Taylor /LMGI, Jason Nolan /LMGI, Johanna and Faith Sparrow-Crawford, Joanelle Romero.


Panel 2: De-carbonizing the Set

Moderator: Geoff Teoli (Vancouver Film Commissioner).

Panelists: Ryan Schaetzle /LMGI, Gemma Martini, Lisa Scope /LMGI, Colin McDougal /LMGI, Mary Jo Biernes /LMGI, Eric Cerretani


Panel 3: Virtual-Production and Locations

Moderator: Zach Lipovsky (Director: Freaks, Kimpossible)

Panelists: John Rakich /LMGI, Matt Middleton, Gladys Tong, Rino Pace.