LMGI Awards honor the visual contribution locations make to a motion picture, television production or commercial. The locations must be artistically integral to the story being told, and the Location Professionals who are nominated must have demonstrated an innate understanding that the proper location is not only a backdrop for action, but also sets tone, reveals character, and enhances the narrative.

With ingenuity and a discerning eye, the Location Professional is a vital part of the creative team. The value of that contribution should be reflected in the submission form below.

The criteria for eligibility in a Contemporary Television Series are:

    1. Your submission must have an initial broadcast between June 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.
    2. At least 60% of the production must have shot on location (including 2nd Unit and VFX units if applicable).
    3. A link to the Official Trailer must be provided.  ** Note:  Must be Youtube or Vimeo format**

Submission deadline is 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time, Wednesday, June 30, 2020. The LMGI Entry Curation Committee will select submissions to put forward for a vote by LMGI membership.

All finalists will be invited to attend the Awards gala at TBD on Saturday, August 29th, where the winners will be announced.

PLEASE HELP US BY PROVIDING AS MUCH ACCURATE INFORMATION AS YOU CAN.  All questions in bold must be answered to submit the form.  Do not leave required fields blank.  Use idontknow@email.com or 555.555.5555 if you don’t have current info. The Awards Committee will obtain the correct information during the vetting process.

If you have any questions, please contact us at awards@locationmanagers.org or 310.967.2007   You can find more information at:

2020 LMGI Awards Submissions Rules & Regulations

2020 6th Annual LMGI Awards Submissions FAQs


    If more than two location professionals deserve Award recognition, please list their names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses and explain their role in the creative process.

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    Additional team members are eligible for honorary certificates acknowledging their overall contribution to the production. Names, titles and email addresses of Location Team members

    Please tell us why the locations in this commercial and the Location Profession-as responsible for them should be recognized with an LMGI Award. Start with a brief description/synopsis of the project

    Please explain which locations were particularly compelling in bringing the script to life. For example, how might the locations reflect the tone, reveal character, or advance the action? Why were they chosen?