In Los Angeles, All Seasons Brewing Company on La Brea was the site of an event celebrating the winter solstice on December 21, 2023. The event was hosted by LMGI business partner sponsors Heather Ross at The Location Portal, Eric Nichols at Pacific Production Services Permit Services, Amy Takhmazyan at Five Star Locations, and Mike Wachtel at Production Security Services where everyone enjoyed an abundance of tacos and margaritas. 

During the 2023 holiday season, there was a noticeable absence of celebrations owing to the challenging economic conditions as a result of the work slowdown created by the SAG and WGA strikes. Fortunately, this LMGI event filled the gap with a chance to mingle with our members and our business associates. Although it was a rainy night, the timing was right, and more than 100 people joined the fun. 

L-R: Nick Carr/LMGI, Tim Goldberg/LMGI, John Grant/LMGI, Andrew Carr, Emily Carr

Among the many in attendance were LMGI members David McKinney, LMGI administrative manager Erika Howard, Diane Friedman, LMGI 1st VP Alison A. Taylor, the inimitable John Grant, Peter Gluck and wife Monique, Phill Kane, Daniel Rosenthal, Dale Dreher, Martin Cummins, Kristina Santoro, Jill Naumann, Alasdair Boyd, J.P. O’Connor, Neal Prosansky, Melissa “Zippy” Downing, Snappy Oliver, Bill Doyle and Roberts Jones.

David Mckinney/LMGI & Diane

David McKinney, acting in his new role as the Regional Director for the Western United States for the LMGI, conceptualized and implemented this neopagan tacos and tequila party, much to the entertainment of everyone who attended and there was much rejoicing. 

“Let it never be said that Guild members were never offered a night of endless tacos and bottomless margaritas,” said McKinney. sharedalbum/ #B0gJRveFpJrcBNA