The LMGI proudly announces that Location Professionals Markus Bensch, Todd Christensen, Robert Foulkes, Harriett Lawrence, Janice Polley and Michele St-Arnaud have been accepted into the highly collaborative Designers Branch of AMPAS, class of 2020.   

    “This is a powerful acknowledgement of the talent and creativity Location Professionals bring to the design team,” boasts LMGI President, Mike Fantasia.  “This recognition of our craft by the Academy validates our contribution to filmmaking.  It energizes our members and mirrors the mission of the LMGI.”

    As the first Location Professional accepted into the Academy, former LMGI President and current Board Member Lori Balton is “over the moon to be in such good company.  “While not every movie is made on location,” she explains, “In many films locations are artistically integral to the storyline and set tone, reveal character, and enhance the narrative, in addition to providing a backdrop for action.  It’s especially lovely at this time, as we are reviewing LMGI Award submissions, to be recognized as an essential member of the creative team.

    Markus Bensch
    A Hidden Life, V for Vendetta

    Todd Christensen
    Sicario, Moneyball

    Robert Foulkes
    Ford V Ferrari, LaLa Land

    Harriett Lawrence
    Overlord, Sufragette

    Janice Polley
    Tenet, Heat, Man on Fire

    Michele St-Arnaud
    XMen: Days of Future Past