NY Location Pros Embark on Camera Boat Excursion

All photos courtesy of Les Fincher/LMGI & Jimmy Ayoub/LMGI

Flashing Amber Marine Services, Film Ready Services and the LMGI hosted New York City-based location professionals on a camera boat Fam Tour of the lower Manhattan harbor. They traveled up the East River to New Town Creek delivering dynamic waterside views of the New York City skyline, bridges and varied POVs to the delight of the seasoned pros onboard. 

The crew witnesses a magic solstice moment as Flashing Amber’s David Critchell, a Coast Guard-licensed captain, skillfully positioned the two camera boats at the exact moment for the perfect alignment of the sun setting on the horizon, producing “Manhattanhenge” on the city streets. 

LMGI Board members Jimmy Ayoub and Les Fincher, along with Guild members Eric Klein, Guy Efrat, Richard Hobbs and Carey DePalma, spoke “LMGI” encouraging new membership during the cruise. 

Film Ready Services is a production app that places an extensive production directory at your fingertips, helmed by Les Fincher. Flashing Amber provides marine services for film and media, efficiently navigating the New York harbor and beyond. It is conveniently listed on the Film Ready Services app.

From left: Richard Hobbs, Anders Getz,
Jimmy Ayoub, Deren Getz (with camera), Carey DePalma, Mitch Ganem and Guy Efrat.

From left: Jimmy Ayoub, Capt. David Critchell and Guy Efrat

From left: Les Fincher, Mitch Ganem and Carey DePalma