Hidden behind deep green foliage, directly across the street from the hipster enclave of Franklin Village in Hollywood, rests the stunning and elegant Manor Hotel.

Originally named Chateau Elysee, the seven-story building was built by Eleanor Ince, widow of famed studio mogul Thomas Ince as a luxury apartment residence for Hollywood stars. The French Normandy style castle opened in 1929 and its residents included such luminaries as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Edward G. Robinson, Erroll Flynn, Cary Grant, and George Gershwin.

One can only imagine the rumors that abound with such an illustrious cast of characters, but the biggest “unsolved mystery” surrounds the hotel itself. Urban legend has it that the Chateau was built with funds provided to Mrs. Ince  by William Randolph Hearst out of guilt for mistakenly shooting and killing her husband during a party aboard Hearst’s yacht. Hearst’s target, it is said, was actually Charlie Chaplin whom he suspected of having an affair with his long-time mistress, Marion Davies. Eleanor Ince denied this rumor to her last days, saying it was indeed her husband’s famously bad stomach that eventually conspired against him. Peter Bogdanovich’s 2002 film, The Cat’s Meow is a fictional version of the controversial night aboard Hearst’s yacht and Citizen Kane is also said to offer some insight into that mysterious evening.

Sold in 1943, the Chateau later became a residence for retired actors and artists. Through the years, the building began to deteriorate and was slated for demolition but in 1973 it was restored to its previous splendor and it became part of Celebrity Center. The Manor Hotel continues to offer its residents and guests a place of quiet refuge among the bustling city of Los Angeles. 

The PlayersOn Sunday, September 22nd for their Bi-annual celebration, LMGA Members & and their Guests had a special treat: a tour of the elegant Manor Hotel. In addition, wine & cheese pairings were served along with  French-Californian hors d’ oeuvres & gourmet petits four in the Chateau’s 5-star Renaissance restaurant.  The Chateau announced it will be undergoing renovations in 2014 and though it will always be film-friendly, the old classical charm will give way to  new modernization upgrades.


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