Nancy LazarusKnown for her beautiful location photography, Commercial Scout Nancy Lazarus has the well earned reputation of being able to find the image that captures the moment.  As the new Travel Editor/Writer  for Embark Magazine she is expounding on her photography skills to include travel writing.

“With 25 years as a Location Scout/Manager, and a concurrent 5 years on contract with Corbis for Architectural Stock Photography, I’ve gone full circle back to my first love, writing. My recent writing began somewhat as a non-typical travel blog and morphed into snippets of my life while traveling solo.”

Her tales take the reader on a journey that is often humorous and insightful.Her Tumblr blog caught the eye of Embark Magazine.

While enjoying her foray into this new medium, Nancy continues to work as a professional commercial location scout and manager.

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Congratulations Nancy!