“Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world.” —NADEEM ASLAM

“I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.” —RAINER MARIA RILKE

Connectivity. This current issue of the LMGA Compass seems to have chosen its own topic. Portugal, Chile, Berlin, Atlanta, Montreal, Madrid,

New York, Los Angeles … our members live and work around the world. Once isolated, living and working in our own geographic areas, we now work in a global environment made smaller every day by technology, the Internet and social media.

Interdependence. No matter the geographic distance between us, the essential work remains the same. We share a passion for the creativity and camaraderie of our chosen profession.

Synergy. An intermingling of kindred spirits and unbridled creativity. Together, we make each other better … a tangible result of 11 years of LMGA volunteerism.

A passion for creativity is on display in our cover story, “The Authentic Character of Things As They Are.” Writer, critic and curator Shana Nys Dambrot explores the art and vision of location scout and fine art photographer Osceola Refetoff. His work endeavors to reveal the inherent truth of things, rather than serve our expectations.

Mark London Williams, senior correspondent for Below the Line, accompanies LMGA award-winning location manager Klaus Darrelmann on a whirlwind ride through Ber lin—a city steeped in architectural magic and history in “Putting Berlin on the Map.”

Jill Naumann’s ”Game of Drones” looks behind the scenes at the regulations that are lagging behind new drone technology. From virtual set extensions to 3-D modeling to dynamic footage, drones are changing the narrative of cinema. How fast can legisla- tion catch up?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Portuguese location scout João Alves has written an epic novel. “Profile in Pictures” showcases his eye for composition as well as the diverse beauty of his homeland.

Our departments in each issue include “Career Focus,” “In My City,” “In the News” and “Martini Shot.” In the last “Career Focus,” Veronique Vowell’s piece was inadvertently cut off. See page ten for the final column and the LMGA website for her entire story.

As we enjoy the long days of summer, celebrate the connectivity, interdependence and synergy that the LMGA fosters. Wherever your wandering paths might take you, there is always a seat for you by the LMGA’s communal fire.

Always a pleasure, never too busy.

Marie, Stevie, Ken and Lori