Thank you for voting in the 2017 LMGI Board of Directors Election and to all of this year’s nominees. We are grateful for the hard work of those leaving the board, Rick Shuler, Jimmy Ayoub, Bob Decker and Sinclair Anderson and extend our congratulations to our new board members.

Newly elected members of the Board are Alison Taylor, Mac Gordon and Matt Chamberlin. Re-elected to new terms are returning Board members, Eric Klosterman, Mike Fantasia, Rebecca “Puck” Stair, Wes Hagan, Dorion Thomas, Melissa DeMonaco and Mario Ramirez. Returning Board Members in the middle of their two year terms are JJ Levine, Kokayi Ampah, Phill Kane and Matt Palmer.

The new Board meets in the next few weeks to determine the offices of President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Treasurer and Secretary.



  • Mike Fantasia – RE-ELECTED
  • Eric Klosterman – RE-ELECTED
  • Rebecca Puck Stair – RE-ELECTED
  • Wes Hagan – RE-ELECTED
  • Dorion Thomas – RE-ELECTED
  • Alison A. Taylor – NEW
  • Mac Gordon – NEW
  • Matthew Chamberlin – NEW
  • JJ Levine – RETURNING
  • Kokayi Ampah – RETURNING
  • Matt Palmer – RETURNING
  • Phill Kane – RETURNING
  • Melissa DeMonaco – RE-ELECTED
  • Mario Ramirez – RE-ELECTED
  • Dan Taylor – NEW




Alison A. Taylor

Alison has worked in Location Management for twenty-two years and been a member of the Hollywood Teamsters (Local 399) for twenty-one. She joined the LMGI in 2014 and is a proud member. She is excited to bring fresh ideas from a different perspective, enthusiasm, experience, and commitment. Her credits include both feature films and episodic television. Most notably Amistad, Training Day, The Soloist, Alias, Southland, Straight Outta Compton, The Leisure Class (Project Greenlight), The Purge – Election Year and most recently A Wrinkle in Time.


Mac Gordon

Mac has been in Locations for twenty-five plus years and feels ready to put some of his talents to use  for the greater good of his Locations’ brothers and sisters. He has supported the LMGI since its inception and watched it expand from a national to an international organization.


Matthew Chamberlin

Matt has been a member of the LMGI since 2007 and a member of the locations community since 1996 (prior member of local 399 and a current member of both local 728 and the Directors Guild of America). He brings with him the experience of working the Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta Locations Markets, expertise in negotiations, staffing, health insurance, pension plans, vendor needs and advancement opportunities.  While on the Board, Matt will work to help continue expanding the LMGI brand and the importance of Location Managers worldwide.


Dan Taylor

Dan is an LMGI Business Member, and currently the Facilitator/ Liaison for the San Bernardino County Film Office and President of the Inland Empire Film Services. He has over sixteen years in film permitting and location assistance (assisting over 8,000 motion and still productions with permitting) and will contribute his vast film experience and networking skills.