After enduring a stormy childhood in Buffalo, New York (snowstorms), Decker graduated from Berwick Academy in Maine and attended American University in Washington, D.C. where he studied theater and film, producing and directing a 30-minute documentary on teaching science to blind children.

He worked as an extra on Airport 75 and The Exorcist and over the next few years, assisted setting up filming locations on The Greek Tycoon and Being There. In 1980, with his fully loaded 1967 VW microbus, Decker headed west to Los Angeles where he landed a job at Lorimar Productions.  He was later hired as Location Manager on the tumultuous production of WarGames and went on to work on such films as Beverly Hills Cop, Dragnet, Commando, Jumpin Jack Flash, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Fearless, Terminator 2-3D, Scream 3 and X-Files. During the 1990’s, Decker wrote, directed and produced the short film comedy Meet Me At The Dog Bar, which appeared at ten film festivals and won five  awards. In 2001, Decker left the film business to focus on real estate and devote time to parenting two young children.  He returned to the film business in 2012 as a Key Assistant Location Manager.