Caleb Duffy is a man of exacting frames.  Even his thick black rimmed glasses connote focus and blocking out the extraneous.

A film location manager, Duffy can find dystopia on a Skid Row corner, small-town America in a Montrose bowling alley, a Hitchcock-era beach cottage south of Oxnard and a stretch of 1930s Art Deco glamour outside the Vista Theater in Los Feliz for a scene in Woody Allen’s upcoming “Café Society.” …

Drinking coffee recently at the Grand Central Market, he envisioned a tracking shot that wended from the barista to a woman with a baby to Angel’s Flight. “It’s a non-static scene, interesting depth,” said Duffy, 48, who has scouted sets for dozens of films and television shows including “Into the Wild,” “Behind the Candelabra,” “Eagle Eye” and “True Detective,” which spanned 150 locations shot over 120 days in six counties….