Maida Morgan

Maida Morgan

Featured National Member: Maida Morgan

Maida began her career in 1987 scouting with the Mississippi Film Office onMississippi Burning. In 1991 she moved to Georgia and began managing Robo Cop 3 as well as continuing to scout. Today Maida represents the the core of exceptional Georgia location professionals. She has this to say:

My favorite movie I have worked on in Georgia  was “Fried Green Tomatoes” it was like summer camp and I continue to have several close friendships made on that film.

My favorite Georgia location.  That is hard — there are many.  But my most favorite memories made on a location was at the Loganville Quarry.   We filmed there on “The War”.  The production hired a life guard and at wrap every day the ent3951914189_ff8e099345_oire crew would swim in the quarry.  It was a great way to end a long hot summer day shooting in Georgia and the playful kid came out in all of us – from Director to PA. It was the most positive crew bonding I have ever experienced.the_walking-dead

I love being a Location Manager and Scout.  The best part for me is the adventure of seeing my everyday world with a different perspective based on a Director’s vision.  I also love  getting to know people from all walks of life with different interest and beliefs. I have many very old friendships that continue to this day that I would never have met had it not been for this job.

I feel blessed and humbled that I have been so lucky to spend a career doing this. I rarely remember bad days and can’t count the great ones.

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