Locations Magazine 2014As many of you know we have partnered with the publishers of Boutique Editions the past several years by providing location photos for publication in the international publication  “Location Magazine”.  The publishers are again asking for submissions of photos for possible publication. This has proven to be great showcase for the photography skills of our membership.  The link to the 2014 edition is included and photos can be seen in the Location in Pictures section.


They are looking for stunning/original/different images of locations which have either been used or could be used for film, TV or commercial shoots. For printing of course we would ideally like high-res images (min 300dpi) but  would be happy to view images in high or low res in the first instance before the final print decision is made.

Initially, low res images should be sent to Tony Salome at tsal3@earthlink.net and then they will be forwarded to the publishers for consideration. If your image(s) is chosen you will be asked to submit high res images to be used in publication. In addition, you will need to provide information about the location including the uniqueness of the location as well as other productions which have filmed at the location. You will be given photo credit along with the LMGA. The deadline for submissions is February 15th.