Fotoflo-BM-300x286Avid photographer, Location Scout and LMGA member Barbara Miller was awarded BEST IN SHOW for her photograph in a recent photo show put on by drkrm gallery. Read more below…


drkrm gallery is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural FOTOFLO, a curated projection series dedicated to the discovery and promotion of documentary and photojournalistic work, cutting edge images and images created using alternative photographic processes.

“Bank District Window”, was a stroke of serendipity while I was scouting for a television commercial. What captured my attention was the quiet reflective moment, it evoked a nostalgic noir sensibility,” says Barbara.

Barbara usually prefers black and white images, as they may leave a wider berth for the imagination and interpretation of the viewer. She is currently working on a series of black and white images taken while living in Indonesia.

Barbara Miller is a location scout based in the Los Angeles area.