This month we honor Matt Messina as our featured LMGI Member.

Matt is currently working on the one hour supernatural television drama  “Sleepy Hollow” for Fox Television.The series is loosely based on ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, by Washington Irving, and is shot in Georgia.

Q: Matt, you have been working as a location professional for twenty years. How do you stay excited about the work?

A:  I love my job. I have never taken it for granted, been bored or wanted to do anything else. Working in different areas around the country and with so many different Managers has kept it interesting.

Q:  Where have you worked?

A:  Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and D.C.

Q:  Do you have a favorite place to work (city or state)?

A:  My favorite place is Georgia. It hasn’t been overshot; there are still undiscovered locations. It’s also still a little wild with limited permitting guidelines and it is home to me. I’m raising my family here.

Q:  And your favorite Location Manager?

A:  Nice try… no comment!

Q:  You’ve recently joined the LMGI. What is it about the organization that appeals to you?

A:   Everything. I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to join sooner. I wanted to be part of an organization that supports location professionals and to represent Georgia LMGI members.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

A:  Here in Georgia. I’ve just moved up to Manager so I’m content to work here, honing my skills and gaining experience as a Manager. I’ve got a young son so being able to work close to home is important to me.

Q:  Where do you see the LMGI in twenty years?

A:  Wow, I’d like to see the guild as visible as the DGA or the Motion Picture Academy. That would be epic!