Sinclair Anderson founded Acumen Services Group, provide a more robust compliment of services to the entertainment industry. Prior to opening Acumen, he was responsible for the start-up and growth of Skyline Locations, a film location service operating primarily in Los Angeles.

Anderson started his career at a young age, Honing an intimate knowledge of the technical, logistical and creative crafts behind physical production.He worked on productions of all varieties and sizes in facilities from sound stages to class-A high-rise properties from Los Angeles to Edinburgh.Anderson redirected his career path toward the management of entertainment-based real properties and the provision of production services with several film & television production facilities in Los Angeles. Applying the production education accrued over the years to the management of such facilities proved to be an invaluable convenience to the facilities’ customers. Anderson has also served as a Planning Commissioner for his resident city – the City of Ontario, California – and continues to serve on several public service boards and committees. He was elected to the LMGI Board of Directors in 2014 and reelected in 2015, enabling him to continue to serve the locations community today.