LMGI 2nd Vice President JJ Levine has a few words for our membership :

“Do you ever stop to think how unique and amazing what we do is? I mean, I know we grind it a lot, but every once in a while it hits me. I work in “the” business. I get to scout cool places and visit studio back lots that 1000’s of people would give their little pinkie toe just to see. Pretty cool!

So who “gets” you? The LMGI does.

“Through the influence of the LMGI, you are recognized on IMDB as more than “Miscellaneous Crew”.

Through the LMGI, we have been able to produce an Awards show that is covered by Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and all the major news media and industry trades – shining a spotlight on our profession. This is only awards event in the industry that celebrates excellence in location work locally and globally.

Through the LMGI, we have been able to produce The Compass, an internationally distributed magazine with a focus on locations.

We’ve held events in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sundance, Atlanta, London and around the world.

Through the LMGI, we have created an International Community of Location Professionals from around the world, with opportunities for fellowship and the ability to communicate with and learn from those who have walked before you.

All of which elevates your craft.

We’ve got you! We are your Guild! 

But also – WE NEED YOU NOW!

Our Guild has grown a lot lately. We’ve got big plans (really big big plans – I mean it) for the coming years. But it takes all of us! Behind the scenes, we are still mostly a few volunteers keeping it all moving forward.

“JJ, How can I help?” you ask?

We need fresh faces!

We need more people to get active and become a part of the Guild – not just through joining (though that’s a good start and please do) but by getting involved! Join a committee, run for the Board.

And come to the Awards show on April 7th.

Our future success is standing on it. Support us in supporting you! Buy a ticket or two, or more! Bring all your friends – plan a great night out! It costs about the same as dinner at Olive Garden – and it’s so much more satisfying!

It’s always fun to commune with your fellow Location Professionals – and this year our sponsors are really looking forward to meeting you all! We really want you there, but if you can’t make it — STILL BUY A TICKET! You’ll be helping us roll into a better, brighter future for all Location Professionals!”