2020 Program Book

Welcome to the 7th Annual LMGI Awards, and our first foray into a streaming celebration dedicated solely to our craft.   

Our unique vision allows international location professionals to serve the film and television industry with ingenuity, savvy and boldness. The LMGI Awards focus on the creativity of our members and productions where locations go beyond being a simple backdrop to set tone, reveal character and enhance the narrative.

This year’s show is special in a number of ways, beginning with a record-breaking number of hundreds of submissions, to the inclusion of a new category—Limited Anthology Television Series—reflective of the Platinum Age of Television. Our nominees are stellar … a bright spot in a devastating, chaotic year.

Our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of two nominees whose tragic, untimely passing underscores the fragility of life. The exemplary work of LM Michael Gazetas/LMGI (Best Period Television Series for See) and LM Babacar Seck (Best Limited Anthology Television Series for ZeroZeroZero) have enriched our craft. Gazetas’ intimate knowledge of Vancouver Island helped persuade production to film in remote, logistically challenging locations that added considerable splendor to the project. Seck’s work infused the Senegal sequences with dramatic fever dream locations. We are better for their lives and mourn their loss. 

Dictated by the pandemic, this break with tradition allows us to experience the awards as a greater LMGI community, direct from your own global region. Our Covid-safe approach provides a larger audience unencumbered by complex work and travel schedules, and a significantly increased platform for recognition of our craft. To compensate for in-person networking, LMGI administrator Erika Howard has produced Nominee Q&A’s and a “Join the Nominees” Zoom brunch—viewable at the LMGI YouTube page.

This year’s celestial show has more stars than ever, beginning with our gracious host Isaiah Mustafa. Presenters Edgar Wright, Joe Mantegna, Jim Cashman, Sylvia Hoeks, Noah Wyle, Graham McTavish, Damaris Lewis, Blair Underwood, and Tim Williams all hit it out of the park.  

We proudly sing the praises of our honor award recipients: the inimitable Spike Lee is our Trailblazer; director Christopher McQuarrie receives the Eva Monley Award; Humanitarian is the fiercely determined and dedicated Gary Sinise; and veteran location manager and mentor, Veronique Vowell/LMGI is our Lifetime Achievement recipient. We salute them. Like tonight’s nominees, their dedication and vision inspires us to push ourselves a bit harder, stand a little taller, and to be part of the bigger picture.

The Awards Committee’s support, energy, and countless hours expended on creating this magical event was remarkable—especially the tireless, outstanding work of members Diane Friedman, Alison Miller, Jill Naumann, Stevie Nelson, Tim Stacker, and Alison Taylor. 

Thanks to our sponsors. We are grateful to our many business partners. The Guild proudly exists to support location professionals and the international film community—to connect you, elevate you, and advocate for you. No matter where in the world you work and what your union affiliation is, if you are dedicated to our craft—you belong in the LMGI. And we couldn’t be happier to celebrate with you tonight!


LMGI Awards Committee Co-Chairs                                                                              
Lori Balton, John Rakich