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Tech scouting downtown Los Angeles, LMGI Member Snappy ‘Kyle’ Oliver takes his crew to his favorite lunch spot;  Yang Chow’s in China Town.
Located at 819 North Broadway beneath the Bing Wong Hotel the restaurant has been serving lunch scouts since the 1970’s.

Started by five brothers and named after their hometown the Yun family come from generations of cooks and restauranteurs. The menu is massive and their signature dish is  the slippery shrimp.  The shrimp is Snappy’s favorite but it takes more than yummy shellfish to make our favorite scout lunch spot list.

The best lunch scout spots must allow for; easy access, pre- ordering, immediate seating, service in under an hour, entrees delicious enough for self proclaimed ‘foodies’,  parking for the scout van within two blocks and at its best reflects the culture of the area in the food. Yang Chow meets all those requirements and tells your fortune too.