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Sheri Davis and the COLAS

In 1995 I was very new to filming - always excited when a location scout/manager would scout our region. If we landed the shoot - I would go to the theatre - sit through all of the credits...the theatre would start cleaning up popcorn containers, coke cups and finally AT LONG LAST - the Location manager and team's names would come up on the screen.
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Kathy McCurdy on "I Was a Teenage Superhero Sidekick"

Location Pro Kathy McCurdy recently produced her first feature film, "I Was a Teenage Superhero Sidekick" , written and directed by another location pro - J. Hanna. We asked her to share the process.

Career Focus: Ilt Jones

When I was a boy the BBC used to air a Western every Saturday evening. My dad and I used to watch these together in our small provincial British town. I remember remarking to my Dad how cool it must be to work on a film in the extraordinary desert scenery featured in the movie. This somewhat random notion passed quickly. Little did I realize that 40 years later I would find myself getting paid to take photographs of that very scenery as I did last year on Transformers 4.
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PORTUGAL: A Feast for the Senses by James Lin

This was my first trip to Portugal, and though the visit was short, my impressions of the country linger. After a 12-hour flight, our first connection brought us to the Madrid-Barajas Airport which featured awe-inspiring, cavernous light-filled spaces. If this was a sign of things to come, we were in for a great adventure!
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Catalonia: Windows in Time by Joni Coyote

For thousands of years Spain has been a cultural hotbed in Europe. Its cities, villages, architecture span centuries - offering a glimpse into past, present, future eras. Location Manager Joni Coyote had an opportunity to tour the northeastern part of this fascinating country, Catalonia, and shares her photographs and insights with us.

London Assurance by Claudia Eastman

London is my favorite city on the planet. Always changing, always the same. On this visit I’d arranged to catch a glimpse of some location film work.
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Bungalows Con Gusto, Terry Gusto that is

In 2003, an old college roommate and I began searching for an area to build a place to retire to. A place where we could live well and have all our friends and family visit. We looked at the Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, and Costa Rica. Then an old surfer friend told us about Puerto Escondido.


I’m just getting into the rhythm of the region and starting to grasp that in order to truly understand Chile.

Jof Hanwright on Visual FX

What started out as "find the perfect forest floor," became "find the perfect solution," resulting in a very clever ad campaign introducing the new VW Beetle.

Location Manager Carol Flaisher on "Philomena"

Ricky Carioti/Post - Diana Conway and her daughter Alexandra, 15, in front of their Potomac, Md., home, which was used for several scenes in the Oscar-nominated movie “Philomena.”

Navajos + Lake Powell + Dutch Garden Products by John Hutchinson

One of the stranger jobs I've worked on was a commercial, shot at Lake Powell and using a cast of local Navajos. Without voiceover or product shots, just the wise (but untranslated) words of the Elder, it's a romanticized European view of traditional Native American life.

Location Pro Marta Tomkiw Documentary

In her new feature length documentary, Location Manager/Scout Marta Tomkiw along with filmmaker Bobby Leigh examine a dark and horrific time in which millions of people died due to a man-made famine in Ukraine.

Move Over Vanity Fair

“Stunning” “The quality is fantastic” “Great read from cover to cover” “I love everything about it!” What has the Location Pro Community buzzing? It’s the inaugural edition of LMGA Compass, the official magazine of the Location Managers Guild of America.



COLA Finalists Announced

Congratulations to our California Finalists as the COLA celebrates its 20th year.