Mario Ramirez began his career in film location logistics working with the San Diego Film Commission in the early ‘90s. He worked as a location scout, manager and production manager until 2000 when he formed Reel Security Corporation, an entertainment security company designed specifically around the unique and challenging needs of Location Professionals.

Through insight and support of location professional friends and colleagues, Reel Security has grown into the largest and most technologically advanced entertainment security company in the industry. Over 300 films, 400 TV shows and 600 commercials later, Reel Security is a preferred security vendor with every major studio, has offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Atlanta and have expansion plans to open in New York and Canada in the coming years.

Having grown Reel Security for 15 years, Ramirez believes he can offer great support and business insight to the expanding LMGI. To that end, he would like to continue to serve on any regional, national, international or award shows committees, that help shed light on the value of the LMGI to its membership.